General Business Terms

The rental of Finca Lomo Felipe is exclusively through LasCasasCanarias, brand of The Dream Destination Travel S.L. carried out.
The following terms and conditions apply:

1 Contract type and Products/Services

1.1 Contract Type

The Dream Destination Travel S.L. is a travel agency registered and accredited under the registration number 1- AV- 0000505.1 and is listed under the following business addresses: LasCasasCanarias and Salobre Golf Villas. The object is to provide clients from all over the world exclusive holiday homes on the Canary Islands via our websites. The booking agreement between the traveler and the travel agency, The Dream Destination as the acting agent, is a contract between the guests and the services and products of a third party.

1.2 Commitment

The Dream Destination commitment consists of the presentation and services as the acting agent. The holiday homes on offer have been thoroughly and carefully selected. The properties have been catalogued and described in accordance to our knowledge and experience. Photographs of the objects are taken by us. The Dream Destination Travel S.L offers an external product/service and is acting on behalf of the corresponding owner/administration of the properties.

2. Conclusion of Contract

2.1 Booking

On booking a property the client enters a binding contract. The booking can be done either by post, e-mail, verbally or telephone. As soon as The Dream Destination Travel S.L. accepts the booking the client receives confirmation of the reservation via fax or e-mail. The client is obliged to check all the data contained in the booking confirmation as soon as it has been received and to inform the travel agency of any errors incurred and report them immediately. Later detected misinformation does not entitle the traveler to a cancellation of the contract.

2.2 Tenancy

The reservation is only valid for the number of persons indicated in the booking confirmation. In the case of the property being occupied by more persons than indicated in the contract an additional fee will be charged in accordance to the current prices. It is very important to note that the rental object cannot be occupied by more than the maximum number of persons permitted in the apartment/house. The rental object can never be used by the client for festivities of any kind.

3. Payment

On receiving the booking confirmation a deposit of 20% is to pay depending on the choice of property. The remaining balance is due to be paid 4 weeks in advance of the arrival date. If the period between reception of the booking confirmation and day of arrival is less than 4 weeks, the total amount is due to be paid immediately. 

3.1 Method of Payment

Please note that The Dream Destination Travel S.L. cannot be charged for eventually incurring banking fees. On payment by credit card (Visa and Master Card accepted), The Dream Destination S.L. will charge a fee of 1.5% of the amount owed. In case the payment is not made within the time frame indicated in the contract, The Dream Destination S.L. has the right to cancel the booking and to impose a fee according to rescission policies.

3.2 Insurance Policy

The Dream Destination Travel S.L. is a travel agency with registered in Spain and with all rights and duties resulting from this. These include insurance (Warranty Bond )in case of insolvency. Since the insurance is compulsory, there exists no insurance policy but we are happy to send a confirmation of the insurance if required.

4. Liability and Claims

4.1 Liability

The Dream Destination Travel S.L. is liable in its duties as acting agent to a conscientious selection and description of the rental objects according to own assessment and information given by the cooperation partner. Should the cooperation partner not inform The Dream Destination Travel S.L. about additional changes or give erroneous information the full responsibility lies with the cooperation partner. The Dream Destination Travel S.L. does not ensure or guarantee accuracy and completeness of information, products and services of the cooperation partner.

4.2 Dutiful Involvement

The leaser is asked to report any shortcomings or defects, either to the house or the furnishings, to The Dream Destination S.L. within 24 hours so that they can be promptly attended to. Any later complaints cannot be considered. The leaser has the duty to treat the house and the furnishings and facilities with care. Any damages caused by the tenant are to be reported to the owner/administrator of the rental object. The cost for repair or replacement is to be carried by the leaser.

5. Rescission and Change of Reservation

5.1 Rescission

By a withdrawal from the contract the following cancellation fees will be charged respectively: Cancellation up to 60 days before tenancy: 20%of the total amount due, 59 to 30 day before tenancy: 40% of the total sum, 29 days to 8 days before tenancy: 80% of the total amount, 7 days to non- appearance: 100% of the total sum. A cancellation must be done in writing with the date of its delivery being decisive. The client is given the chance to prove that only minor financial damage or none at all have been incurred by the owner and agency. We recommend taking out an insurance covering these eventualities. Bookings, which contain special offers (e.g. early booking offer, last minute prices, long stay offers) cannot be cancelled. A handling fee of 50,00€ is charged for every cancellation.

5.2 Change of Reservation

The leaser has the possibility to withdraw the booking if he finds a substitute for the rental object to be leased under the same conditions. The rental object can only be changed by cancelling the contract under the above mentioned rescission conditions and by making a new reservation. Rental period or rental dates can be changed according to availability, taking into account the cancellation conditions. Bookings, which contain special offers (e.g. early booking offer, last minute prices, long stay offers) cannot be altered. A handling fee of 50,00€ is charged for every reservation change or alteration of the contract.

6. Data Protection

Personal- related data provided in order to prepare the lease contract are protected according to the data protective provisions against abusive usage.

7. Place of Fulfilment and Legal Venue

Claims for damages are to be addressed to the corresponding contractual partner. According to EU regulations the place of fulfilment and legal venue is the home country of the contractual partner.