In and on the water:
Boat trip – The coast of La Palma is full of dolphins, turtles and even whales. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to experience the fascinating marine animals up close. On the Puerto de Tazacorte offers Buzzard Excursions S.L. as well as Fancy II one day trips, where you will see the most beautiful caves and beaches. .
Diving – Not only in the mountains, but also under the sea, La Palma is a paradise, which wanted to be discovered. After the eruptions of the Teneguía, the youngest seaground of Spain is located around the island. Through the volcanic eruptions have been formed unique and fascinating caves and rock formations, which offers an ideal diving spot not just for experts but also for beginners. The most important diving centers are the 'La Palma Diving Center’ and the ‚Dive Center Buceo Sub La Palma’ in Los Cancajos as well as the diving partner ' La Palma’ in Puerto Naos.
Deep sea fishing – Breathing one day the fresh sea air. At the ports Puerto de Santa Cruz and Puerto de Tazacorte you will find a lot of offers for one day trips for deep sea fishing.
Canyoning - For all those who prefer the rushing water and a high adrenaline level, a trip to the Canyoing in Las Grajas is worthwhile. You will reach this area over the Roque de los Muchachos.
Culture and Festivals:
La Palma would not be a Canarian Island if the cultural events would not always be celebrated with an appropiate feast. This of course also applies to all religious feast days and so the fiestas in honor of the various village saints are celebrated the whole summer long. The undisputed highlight here is the devils party in Tijarafe in the beginning of september.

Carneval is legendary on the Canarian Islands. There have been evolved own traditions on La Palm to celebrate the time between the friday before Ash Wednesday to the early hours of the Sunday morning ten days later. Howevere, most famous is the Carnival Monday: On the Día de Los Indianos the return of the Palmeros is resurrected in the harbour of Santa Cruz, who have emigrated to Cuba. The entire city is dressed in white, it will be host a talcum powder battle and Mojito as well as latin rhythms will make up for a lively atmosphere until the next morning starts.

Due to the pleasantly mild climate La Palma lend naturally to a variety of outdoor activities. At the top of the popularity scale there is walkng. Depending on the preferences it is possible to take walks from comfortable to extremely, with one, two or even without a stick. The unique landscape of La Palma makes this to an unforgettable experience. And being honest, the most beautifl places are only reachable on foot. Walks through the nationalpark Caldera de Taburiente or the volcano route on the cumbre to Fuencaliente are of course quite famous ones, but it is also possible to start directly from the Casas Lomo Felipe: for a comfortable walk around the village or sporty with a descent to the pirate bay.

The island holds a network of more than 100 kilometers of according to european standards marked hiking trails for all difficulty levels. Each trip is simultaneously a walk on the trails of the island's history, since a variety of ways have been used for a way of communication between the residents and for the transports of goods on foot or by donkeys a few decades ago. Those who like it challenging repairs into the caves of Pico Bejenado or Pico Birigoyo.

May the opportunities of climbing are not endless in La Palma, but for this they are more spectacular. The cliffs and canyons in the Barranco de la Madera or Las Agujas del Volcán Tajuya will inspire you! One organizer is the Ekalis in Villa de Mazo as well as Palmaventura in Breña Baja.
La Palma offers a lot of interesting possibilities for the exploration of caves in your holidays. Of particular note here are the volcanic tubes in Villa de Mazo, which are considered as the most important cave area on La Palma. For example you have to explore the Cueva de Todoque, La Cueva del Perdido, La Cueva Benisahare La Palma or El Salto de Tigalate.

Wonderful perspectives to experience the beauty of the island are also offered from a horseback. Be surprised by the diversity of the landscape at every turn during a horseback ride. The tours are offered for example in Teneguía in the south of the island, in the nationalpark Caldera de Taburiente or in the mountains of Breña Alta, Mazo, Fuencaliente and El Paso. The excursions are offered by the ‚Club Hípico Bejenado Cuadra la Rosa’ in El Paso. The ‚Sociedad Hípica Miranda La Palma’ in Breña Alta pretends in addition also riding courses.
As you can see there are endless possibilites, but you can also just enjoy the rest on our beautiful finca while keeping the nose in the sun!

If you would like to embark upon a journey through time and to detect what it is about with the Palmeros, Guanchen and the spanish immigrants, what a Mojo Verde is and why cigars are rotated on La Palma, so just take a look on our tips and information in the section "La Palma":
Sports on site:
tennis / padding (Tijarafe)
Those who prefer it active can explore La Palma as well on two wheels. It is even possible to start directly from the Casas Lomo Felipe. Different routes lead through green forests and vulcanical landscapes of the Isla Bonita. Mountainbikes and equipment can be rented for example by ‚Bicicletas Autos Demián’ and ‚My Quads and Bikes’ in Breña Baja- Los Cancajos or by ‚Bike Station La Palma’ in Los Llanos de Aridane.

For athletes and spectators:
La Palma is incidentally also venue for various interesting sport evens such as Transvulcania or UltraBike. Obvious that the spectacular scenery of our beautiful island plays a major role for this.
Up in the air:
Paragliding - La Palma provides ideal climatical and geological conditions for Paragliding. At least 330 days a year you have the opportunity to practice this sport for flights up to 30 kilometers by which you will glide from the mountains to the coast on one of the steepest islands on earth. Make a stop by the PalmaClub in Los Llanos de Aridane or by Palmasur in Fuencaliente, for beginners there will also be offered tandem flights.
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